• Basic Business Conversational Mandarin

    (Corporate Program – 40 hours)

    According to the market research, China trade with Malaysia archive a growing at 22% (CAGR) since 2000 and China become Malaysia's largest trading partner in 2010 and Malaysia has been China's largest ASEAN trading partner since 2008.

    With the rising importance of China in the worldwide economics, corporate and business entities are eager to expand and develop China market with more than 1.3 billion population; prepare your employee with the Basic Business Mandarin communication skills and culture understanding are essential and practical in increasing company market share.

    Able to communicate with Chinese speaking clients or customers with basic Mandarin will certainly help to build a better business relationship! This is an intensive course for corporate beginners; a total of 120 hours of Mandarin Business Communication Skills (consist of 3 levels with 40 hours for each level) is a tailor-made course to enable your employee to be well verse in a Chinese speaking business environment.

    To develop the skills further to suit to business usage, the business course will help the participant to converse professionally when dealing with the clients or customers in various business scenarios as well as communicating effectively with colleagues at work.

    Mastery of these essential basic communication skills and business protocol will certainly enhance the ability of the participants to present themselves well, and be able to represent your company in a versatile business image.

    Syllabus Summary

    • 150 Lively vocabulary
    • 230 Basic Sentences covered 13 aspect of daily life
    • 20 Idioms and 24 Proverbs
    • Participants able to socialize around with basic conversation and would be able to make new friends with Mandarin.


    Minimum of 2 hours per lesson; for effectiveness, must complete at least 80% of the course.

    Training Methodologies

    Lecture, Interactive Exercises, Role Play, Tongue Twister, Singing Exercise, Video Clip Viewing, Dialogue Reading, Classroom Game

    Why choose us

    • Professional Trainer – Master in Chinese Studies, Professional Training certification by KongTzi Institute of China Government at Peking University and Human Resource Development Fund (PSMB) of Malaysia
    • Local China Trainer – to ensure the quality of the program and standard pronunciation to be taught
    • Tailor-made – We will tailor-made each and every course to suit your company needs.
    • 9 years of experience in applied linguistic research and teaching in Malaysia.
    The detailed modules are presented below in general; by all means, the actual topics or modules delivered shall subject to change, as depending on the actual training flow, special needs (if any) and learning progress. More training hours could be added in the event there are additional requirements.

    Basic Business Conversational Mandarin (40 hours)

    (Corporate Program)

    Hour(s) Topics Description
    2 Introduction to the Module Chinese & Chinese Business Tradition and Taboo
    4 Hanyu Pinyin Phonetics This is the international Chinese standard pronunciation, which differs from local or other regional pronunciation.
    4 Greetings Greetings, gratitude, apology and others short greetings
    4 Asking Questions and Answering Common questions using “wh” and basic answering skills
    6 Number, Date & Time
    4 Introducing Yourself / Others Proper way of meeting new friends
    2 Hobbies & Career Describing your hobbies and career in general
    2 Nationality and Complete Self Introduction
    4 Asking and Giving Direction
    2 Name of Places and Common Signage Knowing common places and recognizing common signage
    2 Final revision
    4 Final Evaluation (Speaking and Writing test)
    Hour(s) 40 (Total Hours)