• About University of Ballarat

    Originating in 1870, the University of Ballarat (UB) is the third oldest educational institution in Australia. UB is located in the historical city of Ballarat, near the capital city Melbourne.

    The University of Ballarat offers a broad range of quality programmes from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, and Master to PhD programmes. In 2011, UB has been rated Five Star for teaching quality and Four Star for staff-student ratio, getting job, graduate satisfaction and cultural diversity.


    Bachelor of Information Technology In Collaboration with University of Ballarat, Australia.
    The Bachelor of Information Technology is a innovative programme designed with the input from major IT industry partners. Upon completion of the programme, you will have
    • Achieved industry-recognized qualification
    • Able to analyze, design and implement up to date computer-based system
    • Provided with a balance between specific knowledge of particular development tools and general lifelong language skills.
    Programme Structure and Requirements

    Level of Study Structure Requirements
    Form 5 1 year in Malaysia+2 year in Australia
    2 years in Malaysia+1 year in Australia
    SPM CGPA 2.5 or equivalent results.
    Diploma 1year in Malaysia +1 year in Australia CGPA 2.5 out of 4 or equivalent results.

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