• Small Group Course

    Results prove that small group courses are fun and effective. Each MLC group class is designed and prepared to meet the needs of individuals who want to learn Chinese. While most of our students are executives and business managers, many of our group classes are also attended by expatriate spouses travel and do business in china, as well as students and people from around the world who have the passion to learn Chinese as a second language.
    With our small group course, you are assured of high quality tuition, flexibility and value. By taking a small group course, you will enjoy the following:


    • Small size (maximum 8 people per class)
    • Interactive group dynamics
    • Discipline of teacher-led instruction
    • Customized course materials and handouts
    • Flexible location (classes held at our training centre)

    Your Choice

    Your level will be assessed on arrival and your course consultant will discuss your program and advise you on the best options for your personal or business learning needs.

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