• About MLC

    MLC is a leading Professional Business Mandarin program provider in Malaysia. MLC is founded by a group of experienced and highly qualified Mandarin trainer who are well-acquainted with corporate programs. The company’s vision is to provide a Mandarin learning experience that is effective, interactive and fun for participants of all ages.

    Our approach is based on over 8 years of experience in applied linguistic research and teaching in Malaysia. We are reputable for making learning a personal, practical, flexible and fun experience.

    Our teaching is dynamic, interactive, rewarding and tailored to fit the individual’s or group’s needs. Products and services include private and group classes, corporate training and online courses available in Malaysia. We focus on outcomes and learning results.

    We have empowered over 2,000 people with Mandarin skills, including top management, senior executives of international companies and Malaysian governmental departments.

    Our valued customers include Malaysia Royal Navy (TLDM), Tourism Malaysia, Affin Investment Bank, Kenanga Investment Bank, Nissan (Edaran TanChong motor), Forest’Secret, Daewoo International, University Malaya Centre for Continuing Education (UMCCED), Open University Malaysia, Nota Asia Training Services, The Language House, Navis Capital and individual from various professions (eg. specialists, chef and CEO) in our intensive Mandarin classes.

  • Our Aim

    • To provide professional Business Mandarin training
    • To encourage a healthy understanding of Chinese culture.
    • To help our valued client to increase their market share by providing them with custom-made language and culture knowledge of the Chinese Market
  • Our Philosophy

    We believe in experiential learning and the utilization of multi-media in order to achieve an effective learning process. The following fundamental beliefs determine how our teaching activities are designed and what students will achieve:

    • To learn a new language is to experience a new way of life
    • To teach a language is to help people develop a new avenue for experiencing different cultures and countries.
    • Language is a tool and medium to communicate with your business partner and peoples around you
    • The process of learning a language involves all five senses
  • Our Methodology

    Malaysia Learners Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. teaching method is built upon sound linguistic principles and many years of teaching experience. We focus on INTEGRATION of all language-learning skills (speaking, listening, reading & writing). Our method utilize all five senses of an individual. We teach the whole body to learn and produce the Chinese language. Instead of being lectured, students experience the language.

    Our teaching Method aims to provide:

    • A comprehensive language skills
    • A learning environment which leads to rapid language acquisition
    • Language is a tool and medium to communicate with your business partner and peoples around you
    • A stimulating, enjoyable learning experience